Grants Ridge Trail

Grants Ridge Trail - Cibola Trail Alliance in partnership with the Mt. Taylor Ranger district seek to provide an outstanding and sustainable recreation experience through careful planning, development and implementation; that employ best management and maintenance practices keeping in mind safety, the environment, and historical and cultural resources.

Proposed Grants Ridge Trail Area


The Goals of Cibola Trail Alliance committee include that for the GRT system:

  •   Creation of a multi­stakeholder partnership for sustainable development of the Grants Ridge Region which focuses on conservation

  •  Coordination of public outreach and involvement including community events, public meetings and forums, GIS mapping events, etc.,

  • Assistance with development of a public mapping process and on­ the ground information gathering and GIS information integration

  • Development of a Grants Ridge Trails System with trail connections and linkages to surrounding communities to provide access to area asset

  • Identification, inventory, and prioritization of sensitive areas and potential restoration projects, such as closing or rehabilitating unneeded routes, throughout the project area

The Objectives of the CTA include:

  • Establish multiuse trail system for equestrian, mountain biking and hiking trails throughout the Mt. Taylor area that reduces resource impacts from user­ created trails. This system would eventually provide a variety of trailheads and associated facilities such as stacked­loop trails and experiences for beginner, intermediate, and advanced mountain bike riders

  • Create new gateway trails that provide close to home recreation opportunities for the public in the Mt. Taylor Area

  • Create and sustain strong and diverse partnerships that support increased recreational visitation, recreational tourism, economic development, and trail stewardship

  • Enhance forest and watershed health by adhering to best management practices for forest road management (road closures and decommissioning) and new trail development. Old logging road corridors may be utilized by users if converted to sustainable single­track routes

  • Design trails to protect heritage resources through routing and/or interpretive opportunities, as heritage resources (mining and historic railroad logging) are abundant and important on Mt Taylor. Trails . A properly functioning system will reduce current impacts to historic resources. Establishing the proposed trail system will direct current users away from impacted areas and reduce resource damage. In time, heritage personnel may identify backcountry interpretive opportunities as trail use patterns develop

  • Address visitor risk and safety by appropriate trail location and design, minimizing road crossings, addressing potential user conflicts by separating non­compatible users, and locating and developing trailheads with user safety in mind

  • Respect private property rights. Trails will not be designed to terminate at  a private property boundary and trails crossing private property will require legal access

  • Consider and analyze trail routes identified in alternative development as additional corridors. Requiring field analysis (with data supplied for location) will include routes from Grants Ridge, Horace mesa, and on to the greater Mt. Taylor area

  • Include outreach to local governments for stronger relationships. The partnership will build new bridges through programs such as the National Indian Youth Leadership Program and develop communication strategies through tribal members who are interested in trail related activities such as tribal member health and wellness, forest stewardship, running, bicycling, or gathering forest products

  • Connect the proposed Grants Ridge Trails Project to the existing Continental Divide trail and Coal mine campground in efforts to maintain and improve the area which can prove to be beneficial to the community

The Grants Ridge Trail Project has received support from several local entities, including the City of Grants, Cibola County and the Grants Main Street Project.