ad·vo·ca·cy  /ˈadvəkəsē/  (noun): Public support for or recommendation of a particular cause or policy.

CTA and Advocacy

CTA’s approach to advocacy based on creating alliances, to create a community that supports trails. Building successful trail systems happens through people collaborating. When land managers, volunteer groups, and community stakeholders, such as businesses, landowners, environmental organizations and local leaders, come together, we can create trails for all.

The most rewarding partnerships include mutual arrangements between stakeholders to enhance a trail system, improve its management or simply resolve the conflicts that sometimes arise on trails beloved by all. Good partnerships are more than the sum of their parts—they allow diverse groups to come together and create capacity that simply wouldn’t exist without that cooperation.

Our approach to advocacy involves trail work and organizing, which helps serve our goal of establishing and maintaining multi-use trails throughout our community.

Members of the CTA following a trail work day.  Photo by Pat Valdivia.

Members of the CTA following a trail work day. Photo by Pat Valdivia.

We know everyone has a lot of different skills to offer. Part of being effective advocates means making sure we’re connecting the right people and following the best practices to establish trails. All of this work, and more, requires help communicating, organizing and doing paperwork - stuff that anyone can help with!

Getting involved can seem intimidating, but with the CTA, we all have a common goal: supporting trails.

Join by reaching out, or simply show up to our next meeting.