Group hike.  Photo courtesy of Pat Valdivia.

Group hike. Photo courtesy of Pat Valdivia.

The Cibola Trail Alliance is open to anyone who loves trails. Our members include those who enjoy hiking, trail running, snowshoeing, skiing, snowmobiling, and ATV riding along with horseback riding.

Many of our members are involved in the Mt. Taylor Winter Quadrathlon, as well as the Zuni Mountain Chapter of the Back Country Horsemen.

There are currently no membership dues to join the CTA.

We welcome anyone who supports our cause, which is supporting the outdoors. Joining is as easy as finding out when our next meeting or event is and showing up.

CTA is excited to be working on the development of the Grants Ridge trail. We have adopted 31 Miles of the Continental Divide Trail which keeps us very busy. We want you to come out and join us make Cibola County a better destination for all trail users.

The CTA believes in trails for all.

By Christopher Baca.

By Christopher Baca.

By Anna Larson.

By Anna Larson.

By Christopher Baca.

By Christopher Baca.

Executive Committee

Chad Gaines, President

Chad Gaines is the President and has been spearheading the organization since its inception in 2018.

Chad joined the CTA because “I wanted to be part of an organization that would provide sustainable recreational multi-use trails in our community that generations for years to come could enjoy.”

While Chad has numerous fond trail memories, his favorite CTA moment goes back to its first meeting.

“Our First Meeting we had and all kinds of people show up (I was somewhat taken back by the support),” Chad said. “It was great to see people who want to get involved in our community.”

As a mountain biker and hiker, trails are naturally important to Chad, but his appreciation for them extends beyond that. Nature inspires a sense of tranquility and faith for him.

“It provides a peace for myself to be outdoors enjoying what God has created,” Chad said.

He also noted that trails and outdoor recreation also have other benefits.

“Trails provide a healthy lifestyle for people,” Chad said, adding “They allow people to get together and recreate.”

iSAAC ATENCIO, Vice President

Pat Valdivia, Treasurer

Pat is the Treasurer of the CTA and has been a member since 2018. She is also serving as Co-Race Director for the Quartz Crusher.

Pat said she joined the CTA, “because I want people living in Grants to have easy access to one of our best assets, the great outdoors. I love being able to walk out the door and in 5 minutes I can be hiking, biking or walking the dogs.”

As a member of the CTA, Pat has shared new experiences with fellow members, including hiking on Mt. Taylor Trail. “I have lived in Grants for over 30 years and there are still new places for me to explore,” she said.

Pat’s favorite trail memory with the CTA so far is group mountain bike rides in the summer.

“The days stay light longer, we can head out after work and still get some good riding in,” she recalled. “Trail rides and hikes with family and friends is what makes me happy.”

Dhanielle Atencio, Secretary

Dhanielle Atencio joined the CTA because she enjoys mountain biking and road biking.

“We have a playground in our backyard that was a hidden treasure to me until the past three years,” she said.

Dhanielle wants people to “know what we have and be able to utilize it as well,” which is why she and her husband joined.

“We are excited to be able to share our love for the outdoors with our children and in hope to get them hooked as well,” Dhanielle excitedly stated.

Donna Venable, Board Member

Donna Venable has been a member of the CTA since 2018, when she was asked to represent the Zuni Mountain Chapter of the Back Country Horsemen of America in the Alliance. Donna also enjoys using all terrain vehicles with her husband, so she advocates on behalf of two types of trail users.

Her favorite memory with the CTA thus far was a joint fun day on Mt. Taylor. “We had a get together and cook out,” Donna said. “It was great to see so many people enjoying a day outside.”

Donna said she enjoys riding long loops, which are generally between 15 and 25 miles, “just to ride!”

Trails are important to Donna because, “Everyone needs access to our public lands!”

She said “Our State is filled with beautiful scenery and I would rather be outside than inside!”

Armando Mondragon, Board Member

Armando has been a member of the CTA since it first began and currently serves as a board member for the organization.

He joined the group because he wanted to share his appreciation for trails.

“I enjoy utilizing the trails and I thought it was a great way to get more people familiar with them so they could also enjoy them,” Armando said.

His best memories with the CTA involve people working together towards a common goal, but trails are also important to him because they provide him with the opportunity to mountain bike.

“I enjoy mountain biking and having these trails gives me some great places to ride,” Armando said.

“I have two boys and my oldest loves to ride so being able to take him up the mountain and let him ride and explore the trails with me is a great experience for us.”

Adam Arguello, Board Member