Continental Divide Trail

CTA has adopted 31 miles of the Continental Divide trail across Mt Taylor. We will maintain sections of the trail north of Grants starting on Horace Mesa and heading across the mountain. Our goal is to take this already developed trail and improve it to make it one of the best sections of CDT trail in the nation.  Through hard work and dedication for our community, we plan to provide a sustainable route for through users of the CDT and those in our community.  Should you know of an issue on the CDT trail route, such any fallen trees, washed out sections that need attention , or notice motor vehicle traffic becoming an issue on single track, please let us know.

When reporting any issues, please tell us what segment you have noticed the issue on and the estimated mileage from the nearest main road and which direction the problem may be in.  Reminder: the CDT trail does not Summit Mount Taylor, The trail up the summit is Trail 77 (Gooseberry Trail

Please see the CDT that the CTA has agreed to help maintain via the CDTC

Segments # 676, 677, 678, 97, 99, and 101 all are CTA’s responsibility.