Milan Sprint Triathlon

The Milan Sprint Triathlon is a 3 sport race.

Run: The race starts with a 3.1 mile run on paved roads heading from Milan swimming pool out to Zuni Canyon rd and back.

Bike: Once back to the transition area you will get your bike and head back to Zuni canyon rd where you will turn right and head up the canyon until you reach the end of the pavement. Once you reach this point you will turn around and head back to the transition area.

Swim: Once you reach the transition area you will head to the pool where you complete a 300m indoor serpentine style swim to end your race.






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2-person Team

3-person Team


Soloists - Male/Female

  1. $100

  2. $75

  3. $50


  1. Trophy

  2. Trophy

  3. Trophy


  1. Trophy

  2. Trophy

  3. Trophy

Race Schedule

August 16

Packet pickup
On-site Registration
Spaghetti Dinner*

4 to 7 p.m.

Milan Village Recreation Department
407 Airport Rd, Milan, NM 87021

*additional meals can be purchased for $6

August 17

lATE Packet pickup and On-site Registration

6 to 7 a.m.

Milan Village Recreation Department
407 Airport Rd, Milan, NM 87021

Transitions open

6:00 am

Pre-Race Meeting

7:45 am

Race Starts

8:00 am

General Rules

Competitors must have their helmet on and strapped before mounting your bike.

Competitors must walk or run in the transition area – no riding is allowed until competitors have reached the mount line.

Competitors must have their race number pinned on and visible and their numbers on their bike.

Competitors must not follow the biker in front of them too closely, keeping at least three bike lengths of clear space between you and the cyclist in front of you. If you move into the passing zone, you must pass within 15 seconds.

Competitors must keep to the right side of the lane of travel unless passing. Riders must not ride on the left side of the lane without passing anyone, as it interferes with other cyclists who may be attempting to pass. Once passed, riders must immediately exit the draft zone from the rear, before attempting to pass again.

Competitors are required to follow the prescribed course and to stay within all coned lanes. Cutting the course is an obvious violation and going outside the course is a safety issue.

Competitors shall not cross a solid yellow line for any reason and cyclists must obey all applicable traffic laws at all times.

Competitors must ride their bike as far to the right side of the lane as possible. They can only pass on the left (within the lane) and then must immediately return to the right. Violation of this rule is blocking, so you must let the faster riders pass by.

Competitors must rack their bike properly and respect your fellow competitors’ equipment.

Competitors must follow the directions of the Race Officials and Marshals without question.

Competitors may use 1 headphone only, must be alert and aware, and must know the course.

Competitors must refrain from using foul, harsh, argumentative or abusive language or other unsportsmanlike conduct directed at race officials, volunteers, spectators or fellow athletes.

Competitors are not allowed to wear any swim fins or device that gives an unfair advantage to the competitor.

Race Policies

In the case of inclement weather or other concerns for participant safety on the course, the race may be postponed or modified. This could include shortening the race, postponing the start, or eliminating one leg of the race. In these instances the Race Director will do everything in their power to make the race as close to the original distances and times. There will be no Refunds. If you register and do not attend the event for any reason, your race fee is forfeited. This includes illness, injury, inclement weather or any Act of God. If the promoter for any reason CANCELS the race, those who were registered will get a free transfer to the next year’s race. We are not responsible for any lost/stolen/damaged property.

At least 16 years of age to participate without supervision. Younger athletes will be allowed to participate if a legal guardian signs consent form and does the race with the underage participant. The guardian will be required to stay with the younger participant the entire race.